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How to Say Goodbye to Your Dog

Last Goodbye

Saying goodbye is always hard, especially the last goodbye. "Saying goodbye could be a long process."

How to say goodbye to your dog is something you might want to take some time to give thoughts to.

Some of us don't get the opportunity to say the last goodbye due to some sudden pet loss, but if you do, you will want to be prepared and be ready.

The following are some tips on what to do before and after your last goodbye.

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How to Say Goodbye?

1. Be There

There is nothing greater than spending time with your dog.

Spend some quality time with him and do things that he likes to do. Revisit his favorite places (e.g. dog park, beach) one last time, and walk with him on the streets that you usually go to. Play the tricks that you taught him over the years.

If the health is allowed, give him his favor treats and food. Enjoy the time with him as much as possible, while you still can.

girl and dog walk with a bike - sunset

2. Give Thanks and Show Your Appreciation

Talk to your dog - you know he understands you just like you understand him.

Express your love - tell your dog that you love him, and how much he means to you.

Enjoy the movement - give your dog all your attention and focus on what you currently have with him.

Give thanks - thank him for his unconditional love over the years and how much you appreciate the time you are together. And show him that you love him as deeply as he loves you.

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3. Give Support

"Your dog needs your support more than ever before his last days."

Think about what he wants and needs, and comfort him by giving him all the love and support that he deserves.

Before you are ready to say your forever goodbye, remember that this process is not just for you, it's for your dog as well.

After you say your last goodbye to your dog, the healing process should begin.

After the Last Goodbye

Consider doing things to memorialize your beloved dog. Because when you think of your dog, you think of the happy time that you shared together.

1. Keep Something To Remember Him By

Saying goodbye is not to forget; there are some special ways to remember your dog.

  • Clean up some spaces (corner of your desk, a drawer, a shelf) and put your dog's stuff there (your dog's hair that you have kept, his pawprint, his favorite toys, and his pictures, etc.)
  • Create a scrapbook or photo album - preserving your dog's pictures and stories in the form of some artwork.
  • Set up a folder in your computer with uploaded pictures and videos. Go through those pictures and video when he is on your mind.
  • Build a playlist - songs that remind you of your dog.

Personally, I prefer a physical space. I have a desk with all my dog's old toys and stuff. Whenever I think of him, I would sit in front of the desk to remember those happy memories that I had with him.

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2. Honoring Your Dog

Below are some unique ways to honor your dog's memory when he passes:

  • Plan and host a burial or cremation service - invite your close friends and family for a special event to honor your beloved dog.
  • Create an online memorial for your pet - offers free pet memorial page creation where you can upload pictures, write your dog stories, words, or poems to state your love, shows appreciation, and share memories.
  • animalplatform pet memorial dog - winter theme
  • Post your thoughts on your social media platform - it's okay to let people know what you think and the reasons why you miss your dog so much, and what your dog means to you in your life.

"Also, remember to share the link with your friends and family."

3. Share the Memory of Your Beloved Pet with Others

You are proud of your dog, you cherished every movement that you were together, and every little detail you have shared with your dog.

Then let others know too - your family, your close friends, your social group friends, or pet grief support group friends.

You are sad that your dog passed, but you know that he is in a better place - .

"Rainbow Bridge is a place that connects Heaven and Earth."

"When you think of him, you recall all the good memories that you had with him, and that makes you smile too."

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Hard to Say Goodbye - Love and Support

When you are down and feel lonely, you should know that you are not alone.

"It's just hard to say goodbye to your beloved pet."

When you feel that it's difficult to face the death on your own, you need love and support to deal with the difficult time.

You can find support from people surrounding you or consider joining a pet grief support group. There are some pet loss support groups that could help you.

There are also some resources and books that could help you cope with the loss of your pet.